General Rules


  • Vehicles will be required to meet ROAR specifications
  • Only 2S batteries are permitted and should be charged in an appropriate container
  • All Wings and bodies must be trimmed with rounded corners
  • Check your car before each run to make sure there are no exposed screws on the bottom
  • You are responsible for any damages caused by your R/C vehicle to the property
  • No Glass containers in the race building
  • No outside Food or beverages. Food and beverages will be available for purchase in adjacent sports bar, and may be brought into the pit area. 
  • Anyone showing visible signs of intoxication will be asked to leave the race area, multiple violations will result in a permanent ban. 
  • First and fore most the property is a Golf Course, any inappropriate behavior or actions will result in a permanent ban. 

Race Rules

R/C Carpet Racing Rules


  • This class is designed around the beginner racer. 
  • Sportsman may run any 1/10th scale 2 wheel drive vehicle designed for off road racing. However we recommend a buggy so that you can carry it over to the Intermediate Spec class.
  • The motor shall be a roar legal 17.5 motor or a RTR style Brushed motor.
  • This is a single entry of $20, you may not run a second class if you are signed up for this sportsman class.
  • It is at the discrestion of the race director when  you will be required to move out of this class
  • Sportsman vehicles must follow all general rules. 

Intermediate Spec

  • This will be a class designed around the intermediate racer looking to compete on a level playing field against similar racers, there will not be a strict requirement to move out of this class, however if you are consistently running times that would qualify you for the A main in Open 2wd we will ask you to move up. 
  • Only Non-Sponsored racers will be allowed in this class (if you have a contract or deal with any manufacturer of R/C products you are considered a sponsored racer) 
  • Any 2wd buggy chassis designed for racing.
  • You must run a ROAR approved 17.5 motor with your ESC in Blinky or No Timing Mode. If your car appears to be faster than others we will Tech your motor and ESC to ensure they meet the requirements. 
  • You may run any battery, but you may not charge it above it’s recommended threshold. LiHV batteries are legal to simplify tech. 

2wd Buggy

Any 1/10 scale 2wd buggy chassis designed for racing. Tires must be designed for use on Carpet/Astro. Open Motor. Vehicle must follow all general rules.

4wd Buggy

 Any 1/10 scale 4wd buggy chassis designed for racing. Tires must be designed for use on Carpet/Astro. Open Motor. Vehicle must follow all general rules. 

2wd Truck

 Any 1/10 scale 2wd truck chassis designed for racing. Stadium and short course trucks are both allowed. Tires must be designed for use on Carpet/Astro. Open Motor. Vehicle must follow all general rules. 


  • Are there 17.5 classes aside from Sportsman and Spec?
    • In order to simplify our program and bring fun back to R/C racing we are not splitting classes into stock and mod. The track will be built so a non boosted 17.5 can clear all jumps and obstacles, so if you're used to running 17.5 don't hesitate to run your stock car in open class. Our only 17.5 classes are sportsman/intermediate classes
  • What if I don't have a second class to race?
    • Our race fee is structured to be a good value, with limited pit space we are charging a flat fee per racer and giving a second class at no cost. Please feel free to run a single class, however the race fee will still be the same. 
  • Can a sportsman driver run two classes? 
    • No, once a driver is able to compete in multiple classes they can move into different classes
  • Can I run more than two classes?
    • No, with the limited classes and concise programs we are limiting racers to two classes.