Saturday Race Schedule

Arriving and checking in.

Doors open at 8:00 am. Signups close at 10:30. Racing Begins at 11:00 am.  Sign up at the race announcers table. You may not go onto the track until you have signed in. Cost per racer is $30 and includes up to two classes. Sportsman entry is $20

Race Format

Qualifiers will be IFMAR starts and have approx. 4-5 cars, A mains will be a heads up start and consist of 7 cars total with 6 coming directly from qualifying and the 8th being the winner of the lower main. We will run 2 rounds of qualifiers followed by the Main Events, if time allows we will run a second set of main or third round of qualifying.

Turn Marshaling

After your race or during your assigned marshaling time you will be required to be on the track, if you are not on the track your fastest time from the day will be disqualified. 

Timing System

We will use where you can find up to date race information. A personal transponder is helpful, however rental transponders will be available for $5