Practicing at Highlands of donegal banquet room race track


Procedures for Wednesday nights

  • Only vehicles that fit within the parameters of our racing classes will be allowed to practice.
  • Track will open at 4 pm and stay open until the conclusion of Buggy Worlds.
  • Before you set up your pit area or head for the track please register for practice/racing at the announcers table.
  • No more than 8 racers on the track at any given point. If a driver leaves the drivers stand and takes their car back to the pits the next person may start practice. We ask that you limit your practice sessions to no more than 5 minutes if people are waiting. While you are waiting your car and radio will hold your place in line and you are expected to help marshal until it is your turn. 

Wednesday Night Buggy Worlds

Every Wednesday night we will hold races beginning at 6:30. 

  • We will only run 2wd and 4wd buggy.
  • A single round of qualifiers will begin promptly at 6:30 
  • After Qualifiers we will open the track back up to practice until 8pm.
  • At 8pm we will start the mains and that will conclude our Wednesday night schedule. 

Practice and Race Fees

  • Practice for the evening is $10
  • $10 enters  you into racing.